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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on his way to a beautiful smile

no scrapping today.... Ryan went and got his braces on this morning.... or his top ones anyways. He has bugged me for ages to get them on and I finally called and made the appt. He was so excited that he only slept intermittently last night. poor kid. looking forward to seeing what he looks like in 2 yrs when they come off and he has his beautiful smile


  1. I haven't seen Ryan in a while, so I'm very relieved to see that while he sounds totally like a MAN, he still looks like sweet Ryan. He looks good in his new braces! How are they feeling?

  2. Hey Jenn, He sure does look happy. I never think to take my camera to the dentist...Now you can scrap that!!!
    Nice to see you blogging.
    Keep smiling and creating