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Friday, August 28, 2009

how's the hopping coming along?

how are you doing with TPP back to school blog hop? I am so happy to have hopped along and been so inspired. If you haven't completed the hop yet, see yesterday's post and get hoppin'.

We survived back to school shopping. There were only a few fights along the way. I learned that Ryan is a brand snob. geesh, he is 13 isn't he??. I think now that all is said and done, he is ready to go back to school on Tuesday. the only thing he really needs is a belt for the jeans so they don't sling around his butt. (hate that look BTW)

Jess had a little melt down this morning. It seems someone may have broken into her car last night and taken her backpack. if that's the case, they took 1/2 of her dental instruments with it. I sure hope not since that will be another $1000 we would have to come up with since she needs them for school. say a little prayer that she left them at school yesterday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

They're going back!!!!

good morning bloggers!!! what a great day for a back to school blog hop....... it's the most wonderful time of the year! I think Staples was onto something. Since I am taking Ryan and Jess back to school shopping today (hey Jess aren't you already in school??) I thought to share the back to school love, I would tell you about PRIZES that you can win over at The Paper Passion's blog hop - just blog hop and leave a comment on each person's blog! how stinkin' hard is that?

for those of you that don't know about TPP yet, it is the best place ever to shop for scrapping supplies.... don't believe me, just check it out. I have my eye on a few Spellbinder sets that have just come in ;) (I digress LOL)

The blog hop should have brought you here from Deborah's blog
and you should be proceeding on to Deanne's

if you missed any of the hops, here they all are. check them out.
and end up back at The Paper Passion
These ladies are sure talented and what a better topic of hopping but back to school

stop and say hello, and you just might win a little blog candy from me along the way as well. have a great day and wave if you see me at Staples today...I will be the one dancing in the aisles with the sad looking kids

Thursday, August 20, 2009

such a bad blogger

my bad!! no posts in forever! between vacation and crazy amounts of work, what is a girl to do? I thought I would show a little of what I have been up to lately.... what do you think?

Creating from the Heart: ♥ Let's give something(s) away.....just because! ♥

check out this amazing blog. She is so talented and the little blog give away isn't so bad either ;)

Creating from the Heart: ♥ Let's give something(s) away.....just because! ♥