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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gus the bagel eating bionic wonder puppy

Remember Gus? Wednesday he went in for his CCL surgery (comparable to an ACL rupture in humans) The day started out as any other with Gary getting up and feeding them and then coming back upstairs to get ready for work. Gus didn't like the fact that he got about 1/4 the food he normally gets (as a prep for his surgery) and while Gary was upstairs, Gus ate an entire package of 6 bagels. OMG!!!! I called the vet's office as soon as they opened and after a few phone calls, was assured that he would be fine and that his surgery could proceed.

we saw the vet in the parking lot as we arrived. Clare (one of the vets) was dressed with easter bunny ears on and her nose painted red. She scared Gus and he promptly hid behind me (it's hard to hide a 95lb black lab behind me) and he peeked out at her from between my legs. Clare thought this was hilarious and said "boo" to Gus and he pulled his head back behind me and barked at her. So, if the easter bunny ever decides to break into our house, poor Gus will be traumatized beyond belief and go hide somewhere I am sure!!

All went well with his surgery. Dr Roberts (the vet that did the surgery) said he saw some arthritic changes already. Gus hurt his leg last fall when he was running up the deck stairs (his back leg went through the back of the open stair and he really hurt himself) Dr Roberts feels that he partially tore the ligament at that time and this recent injury was just the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.

I called yesterday afternoon and he had his IV still and his fentanyl patch was kicking in. can you believe he ate some of his lunch?? SOME???? that is unheard of. I guess the fentanyl is really knocking him for a loop. The office is closed today so I can't find out how he is until tomorrow. They said it might be possible that he come home tomorrow but we are having family dinner tomorrow so I asked that he come home Monday. That way he is healed that much more and the excitement of the other dogs won't be as much. I am so glad that we have a crate for him and that he considers it his safe place. He is going to be doing a lot of time in his safe place over the next 2 weeks while his mobility is severely limited. I know it's a long rehab but it will be so very worth it in the end.

I will keep you posted on Gus' progress

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