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Sunday, August 22, 2010

what does this look like to you? a Sterilite container on my counter perhaps? if you thought that, you would most definitely be right. To me, that container looks like 2 years of dreams, frustration and an awful lot of hard work. That container is my daughter's bin for dental hygiene school with her scrubs in the garment bag on top. She has already passed her board exams with flying colours. Yesterday was her practical exam. We travelled to the city at 6:30 yesterday morning with my brother in tow..... Happily, my brother Kent was a suitable candidate for her practical exam. I sat anxiously in the waiting room as support. 35 minutes into it, Gary was asked to go upstairs....I thought that meant that my brother was rejected as her candidate -much to my surprise, my brother didn't come back down from the examination. It turns out that the only other girl there from her class had her client rejected and my daughter offered her Dad up as a replacement. Gary was accepted as her client and she was able to complete her practical exam too. (had no one stepped up as her replacement, she would have failed and lost her $500 exam fee -how unfair!!!)

now we wait to see how it all turned out. the next 2 weeks will have many trips to the mailbox I am sure.

so look at that container on my counter again. What do you see? I see possibilities, I see the future. I see my little girl growing up.


  1. Good for your gorgeous Daughter!!!
    Fingers and toes crossed and teeth fully brushed here!!!
    Your husband is a trooper!!! A real life hero.

  2. Bravo Jenn!!!!! Bravo to your DD!!! This was beautifully written, BTW. Be great for a LO! Loved the pic, too... I'm jus' sayin'...

    BIG CONGRATS to your DD!!!!!!