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Thursday, September 2, 2010

She passed!!

I am so very thrilled to let you know that Jessica passed! I couldn't be a happier Momma than today. I always wanted my daughter to have a career that she would never have to rely on anyone to get through life and this career is perfect. It was a rough journey and many times she called my bawling just wanting to quit. The part that was the hardest was she was responsible for finding all of her own clients to work on for school. not only did she have to find clients that would commit to coming 3-4 times and for 3 hours each time, these clients had to meet all the criteria that was required for school. that was the most frustrating part of the whole school experience for her. (and for me too) That is my peeve with the private school that she went to. this is far too stressful..... especially since having already paid $35000.00 to attend the programme.

this is all water under the bridge now. I am so very proud of my little girl!!!


  1. wow..that's awesome chickie! you defnitely got braggin rights here...congrats!