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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh this dog!

Gus was chasing Peyton up the deck stairs and his back leg went through the back of the stair and his back end just fell. Poor Gary thought Gus had broken his leg. I saw just how much Gary loves his dog last night. He was so worried about him. I came down and it was obvious nothing was broken, but I was more worried about tendon and ligament damage. Initially he wouldn't weight bear on it, and when he did, he barely touched his toe to the ground and it turned in and he dragged his foot. OMG!! I had visions of ligament surgery and months of rehab. (you know it would be me doing all of that) Gary carried Gus upstairs last night and he just layed his head on a pillow and went to sleep. Well, this morning, Gus jumped on the bed and licked Gary's face. all that worry last night was melted away!! Gus is slightly sore today, but none the worse for wear. I swear this puppy is going to be the end of me!!

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