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Saturday, January 2, 2010

out with a bang

2009 sure went out with a bang for us.... we were at my MIL's house for New year's. Gary and the boys (Ryan, Tim and Herman)were outside and Herman had asked Ryan to jump on the skidoo and get something for him from the barn. We didn't know all of this was going on as all the girls were in the house. All we heard was the skidoo revving and then a bang. I thought someone had hit the house.... sure enough I was right. it seems Ryan got on the skidoo and hit some hard ice and snow and that pulled the skis in a different direction than he wanted to go. -he hit a shrub first and paniced and hit the throttle instead of the brake and ran straight into the deck. The only thing that was hurt on Ryan was his pride. It could have turned out so much worse. See how the ground dips under the deck? If he was going faster, the skidoo whould have gone farther under the deck and he would have been hurt if not killed. I am very thankful for that. needless to say, Ryan's nickname is Crash now.


  1. Really glad no one was hurt!! But I love the nickname.

  2. Oh my!! So glad that only pride was injurred!!