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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

our quest

Gary is on a quest for a black lab puppy. He has been researching breeders and dogs for months. We have decided on Moonlit Labradors in NY. Susan is awesome and so willing to work with us. We won't be ready for a puppy for a year or two, but during that time, we are going to work with Susan so that she knows what we want and what will suit our family best when the time does come. We want a puppy from Gosh. This is one of her first puppies just so you can see what they are like. When I saw this photo, my heart melted and I knew we had made the right decision in working with Susan. so our quest is finally over and the waiting begins.....


  1. That is a gorgeous puppy and he looks so fit!! Love the look of his body. I think you have chosen wisely. I guess you have inquired about dysplasia issues?

  2. hallo jen!!! found your blog!! great puppy!! pitty you have to wait so long.