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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it's here

I just can't believe it. it seemed like we researched hot tubs for so long -it never felt real. Then once we ordered one, we were told minimum delivery was 4 wks. again, it seemed like forever. well, I called the store yesterday and was told it was in. the only problem was someone needed to get there to pay the balance and to take the chemical course. Gary was about an hour and a half away at work and I was about 45 minutes, but I had to work til 7:30 pm. Gary was able to cut out of work early and get there and get all the necessary bits done. it just so happens that I took vacation tonight so I am home. I am not home on Mondays or Wednesdays for about the next 3 wks when they are able to do deliveries and installs. I guess it was meant to be for today. they got it in the backyard (no easy feat.... it weighs 1100+ lbs dry) and situated where it needed to go and wouldn't you know the heavens opened and the rain started just as they were ready to hook up the electrical. we started filling it with water and the water was brown.... I don't mean off colour... I mean milk chocolate brown. of all days that they water mains get worked on why today? anyways, we drained out the first 8" that was filled and started again. good to see it all for when we need to drain it and do it again ourselves. I will update when the install is all done

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  1. Oh, I am hoping for you for today!!!
    Could you get a water truck to fill it with clean? It might be worth it.?
    and there I was feeling just a tad envious yesterday....Kidding I am very happy for you.
    PS some Hambly floats you know.