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Saturday, September 19, 2009

wow, where did summer go?

here we sit and fall will be here in just a few short days. where did the summer go? I know, I am one of the few that enjoyed the cooler, wetter summer but still.... I am pumped for fall though. We are getting a hot tub. Gary researched for weeks and I called all over Southern Ontario speaking with salespeople (I hate doing that BTW) I learned that they don't listen to what the customer is asking. I think they have their own agendas and that's that. I would call up and ask about a certain model and they would try to sell me on a completely different one. the funniest part was, they were downselling. I was asking about the elite series of tubs and they would tell me about the series below it. any old hooo.... lesson learned.... I am just a stupid woman that didn't spend $14000 in your store buying a hot tub.

we went with an Artesian Piper Glen. it is fabulous and just right for us. The deck is getting stained today and we will be ready. the electrical just needs to be brought up through the deck, but Gary will do that as soon as they tell us where it is on the tub.

off to stain..... wish me luck LOL

1 comment:

  1. So, when does it get there???
    You are going to love it!!
    I tell you if I lived closer I would so be over for a swim Ha Ha Ha don't worry I won't pee in the pool....I kill me