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Friday, June 12, 2009

bad blogger!

I am such a bad blogger..... no posts in forever. my bad!! I have had an incredibly busy week. I was lucky enough to get to Ottawa for a nursing conference last Wednesday. The conference was great (although I did crack a tooth and need a crown now). We stayed with my good friend Lee Ann. It was so nice to catch up since I hadn't been down in 2 yrs. I was very lucky to be able to meet Rosa and a bunch of girls from The Paper Passion. Rosa is so talented when it comes to refinishing wooden pieces of furniture.... my favourite is a fireplace mantle that she has done.

it has been a whirlwind of activity since I got home. I was able to get to the drag races and see an armdrop live .... don't know what that is? It is drag racing with someone standing between the cars and dropping their arms and the cars racing.... it was fun. I have been to a fishing derby as well. Alas, no fish for me that day. I did 3 night shifts, did dog class and took a reluctant 13 yr old out to get a suit for his graduation. For the record, Ryan looks incredibly handsome (I got in trouble for calling him cute) in his suit.

I went to a workshop yesterday in Toronto about intrapartum labour support. I am part of a task force to teach and foster nursing support for women in labour. I am incredibly fired up about this. As I see it, we in the healthcare field, have moved to the high tech end of the continuum and we need to shift it back to the basics and provide good nursing care during labour and reduce unneeded interventions. We need to advocate for our patients and champion the rights of women. I look forward to being able to teach these concepts to others around the West Cluster and fire them up about it too!!

well, since today and tomorrow are my only days to myself, I better get going.......


  1. It was great meeting you too Jenn!

  2. You have been super busy!
    Just checking out your blog :-)