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Friday, April 17, 2009

gut feelings

ever get gut feelings? I do all the time. At work, we are trained to listen to those gut feelings and be prepared to act on them at a moments notice. That kinda thing has been going on for me for my last 2 days at work.... that same gut feeling over the stretch of my 2 day shifts.... and I am so glad I listened. I hope I was able to save someone's life because of it. I gave the experts a fighting chance to make a difference for my patient. I try not to think about how easily it could have turned out horribly bad if all the circumstances didn't fall into place yesterday.
I had the same gut feeling when someone tried to abduct my daughter when she was 2. we were at the grocery store and I had a full cart. I had turned my back on my daughter and the cart and was talking to the lady at the photo counter. Through all the noise I heard someone talking to my daughter asking her if she liked chocolate. I spun around and a young long greasy haired guy was shoving chocolate in my daughter's face. we were right at the exit doors and all of the fibres in my body were screaming that something really bad was about to happen. As I spun around to face him I said that "oh I am sorry, she doesn't like chocolate" (total lie BTW) The greasy guy was gone like a shot out the doors and I didn't even see where he went. I just left my photos and got her safe and sound in our truck. I just wanted to go home and lock my front door. in hindsight, I should have gone back in and spoken with the manager but I just wanted to get home. I will always listen to my little inner voice!!

I am off to ScrapFest today. I am pretty excited to be cropping today with some awesome people and will be surrounded by all the latest goodies in the scraping industry..... Lord give me strength!! I just have to get through a conference today for work and I have the rest of the weekend to play!!!!


  1. Listening to yourself and trusting your instincts is so important! Nice to have found your blog. I live in Guelph too!

  2. Wow Jenn! Your own blog ... now I know where to come and see all your scrappy goodness. Great to see you at ScrapFest!