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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

back to reality..... thank goodness!

well, here we are Tuesday again.... and it's nice to be here after such a crazy weekend. ScrapFest was so fun. I signed up for the crop Fri and Sat and I didn't crop a darn old thing! Spent most of the time after I got there finally in the marketplace meeting old friends and shopping.

Saturday was a crazy busy day that started out being a teaching assistant for Vicki Boutin. LOVE HER!!! I took a clay class after that dealt with very interesting clay. You can make the most beautiful flowers from it (this will be the class next year that I attend) and we followed that up with being a teaching assistant again but this time for Trisha Ladouceur. oh my that girl has energy! I didn't get home until 10:30 Saturday night but I did come home with some great products!! and I am very proud to say I didn't spend too much either.

I am happy to get back in the swing of dishes and cleaning and being a referee for the dogs (did I just admit that?) I like the usual routine....... life is good!

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  1. Thanks again for your help in my class! You were a life saver:) And for the record... I do not typically travel with quite that much stuff BUT I had some amazingly generous sponsors that totally set us up! Needless to say U will get to spread that love a little further with all the goodies that got shipped home. It won't be here until late next week though when Kelly from Memories in Motion gets back with her bug green truck... I sent it all back with her!

    Thanks again!!!