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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OMG he might have done it again

Gary had Gus out for a walk 2 wks ago (while I was at work of course) and Gus came home really sore. I took him to the vet's the next day and the vet said that his other ligament is partially torn. She suggested to rest him for 3 wks and assess then to see what's what. We decided that if it's partially torn just to go ahead with the surgery. Well, today's the day. He is going in for an assessment this morning and if the vet thinks it necessitates surgery, he will be done today. the funny part of all of this is that we have not kept him quiet over these last 2 wks and he seems perfectly fine. I wouldn't be surprised if he says not to do the surgery and wait and see. If that's the case, he will be back in physio to help make that leg as strong as possible. I'm of 2 minds today though...... if it's partially torn, it's not going to heal and I would rather be taking him out on a leash to pee at 2am in Sept and Oct as opposed to Jan and Feb if he needs the surgery then. I also worry about arthritis setting in if it's partially torn and the body trying to heal itself. ..... but I look at him today and he's not in pain, and not limping. He is able to do everything normally.... so I am really torn. I will tell the vet all of this and see what he says...... stay tuned

UPDATE: The vet feels that his leg isn't too bad and he would like to wait and let his other leg get stronger. In the mean time, we will continue with physio to work on both legs now

BTW the scrapbook page is one of my DT submissions for August at the Scrapping Nook. I had come home after working a night shift and I took a few minutes outside to sit with Gus.

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